Meet Violet

Welcome To My New Page! It is still under construction so please refrain from judging :) Soon, here will be an actual introduction of me. At least, the most pertinent information can be found on other tabs. Enjoy! ___________ Incall Schedule: Begins at 4pm on Friday Ends at 10am on Sunday ___________ This weekend (May 25th-26th), I will be in DTC. I know it's a bit of a late notice, but if you prebook today, there's a special discount in it for ya. If we've never met before, the best and quickest way to see me is to have references (preferably in your initial inquiry). A single text saying "hey" or "you around?" won't even get a second glance. Those who truly want to see me will show it through respect and the respect will be returned. Book soon. Don't keep me waiting ;)

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